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The rules of earning income in this app are of great importance because you will not be losing earnings and your time will be lost.

1-Membership and then entry into the application is mandatory and if you do not make a profit, then pay attention to the green bar above the applets before starting work.
2. Do not refrain from clicking duplicate ads because the earnings are not replicated and may require fines.
3. Some countries do not have the ability to operate and earn revenue due to global trade restrictions. (Such as North Korea, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran and Cuba, etc.)
4. Change the IP address of your phone because your cookies will be logged in and will result in the termination or blocking of your account.
5. Be sure to check your card number or wallet for entering your account number. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s not possible to change it simply and it can only be sent to the support unit by mail, which may take months.
6. You do not have to choose your country of residence as your nationality and country of residence. Please enter your country of residence upon registration.
7. Introducing this app to 5 friends with your refferent code other than the rules of work that will result in your reward and increase your income.
8. Payment with currencies such as bitcoin is the best way to deposit. Please, according to the education section, it is suggested to first create a wallet in the and then activate it.
9. After opening the banners at least one click on the opened site or wait at least 30 seconds to earn profit.
The 10-minute click on each ad is 10 cents. If you follow your revenue rules for each click, then your clicks will increase for a month.
11. There are no limits in working hours in this app
12-Payments 1- to 10th of each month 50% Continued Vario for each person (out of 5 persons listed in Section 7) 10% of your amount will be released at the beginning of the month and more than 5 will result in a reward. Became


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What is Business app?

What is Business app?

This app is a simple tool for earning small income and helping the family economy. The world economy, with high inflation and high costs, drives people to use jobs, and the time is the first to earn money.
A worker who can spend a lot of time on a monthly salary or studying a student or even a housewife and many homework can not spend much time earning money.
With the appreciation of the dollar and the digital currency, we thought about how we can make it with a very low amount of time to make the second income for these people.
The app can get around 30 to 45 minutes a day, about three to five dollars for the first three months and between $ 5 and $ 10 in the second quarter, and in the first year it can reach $ 20 a day that I I think there is a significant amount to help living at this time
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